Deep transformational healing with love and grace

Imagine the feeling that all is well in your life. You have peace and feel empowered, free, confident and joyful. You’re comfortable in your own skin.

Those old nagging feelings and symptoms that stick like melted cheese on a pan are now gone. Stories of the past are completed; the pain, disease, illness, anxiety or depression, emotional challenges, relationship problems and other old ingrained patterns dissolved away. And in their place are clarity and a new vision.

Now you have the ability to create the life you most deeply desire, in whatever form that takes for you.Natalie Nicholson - Medical Intuitive and Kinesiologist

Natalie Nicholson is an Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Intuitive. She doesn’t just treat the symptoms of her clients; she works with the body’s innate wisdom to get to the core of the problem (which is often hidden) and heal it once and for all. Guided by the hand of grace, she works deeply and lovingly with her clients online to successfully treat a wide range of physical, emotional and energetic issues.

Making the hidden visible with Intuitive Insight

Because so many issues are rooted in our subconscious, healing is often much easier and quicker if you allow yourself to receive some assistance. Natalie’s unique approach blends kinesiology with intuitive Insight and holographic energy healing to identify and shift old stuck energy patterns so that new possibilities emerge that align with the real you. Some life-long issues shift in as little as one session.

The past has gone, so let it assisted to create a new level of joy in your life with wellbeing and balance by a warm, empathetic and trustworthy professional.

Natalie works in Byron Bay, Australia and internationally - by phone, Skype, facetime or whats app.

Feel better now. Book Online or Call or Text 0408 870 787 or Email for an appointment today.

"Natalie is truly a gifted Kinesiologist. I have been to many, but never before have I experienced such healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Natalie"  - Siobhan Mary Kelly