What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology can be used in many different ways. Natalie uses a muscle in your arm which gives her biofeedback from your mind/body. This accesses stress, illness and imbalance in your system and will establish what is needed to achieve health happiness and wellbeing for you. 

What sets you apart from other Kinesiologists?

Natalie is also a Medical Intuitive and Intuitive Counsellor which means she has clairvoyant skills and can ‘see’ the cause of your illness, stress and imbalance and how to effect positive change for you. This skill gives her deeper understanding to address the root cause of your issues and profound empathy, which helps you feel supported to make very deep transformational changes.

What can be helped with Kinesiology, Medical Intuition and Intuitive Insight?

Everything! Natalie’s specialties include relationship problems, anxiety, depression, old stuck patterns of behaviour, self sabotage, confidence and self esteem issues, learning difficulties, addictions, OCD, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, phobias and fears, anorexia and bulimia, grief and loss, digestive and hormonal problems, spiritual transformation. She treats many general life issues.

Can you help me with my particular Issues?

Whatever you are experiencing can be addressed using Kinesiology and Natalie’s unique intuitive gift. There is nothing too great or too small for her to assist you with.

What happens in a consultation?

Natalie starts with a chat about why you have come to see her, she muscle tests you using her own arm to establish the issues that need working on. She will explain what is happening as she works, you will discuss the issues she finds and she will effect the changes needed as directed by your mind/body. A consultation takes approximately one hour.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Everyone is different but generally you will feel calm, relaxed, clear and peaceful .  You will often be given support techniques to use at home. Some people take from hours to days to feel better, for others it is instant. The work you do in a session will continue to unfold for hours to months afterwards. Again this is an individual process.

How many treatments will I need?

You will receive results after your first consultation; however, everyone is different. Some people have amazing results and need just one consultation, while others need more consultations over a longer time frame. Your body has its own wisdom and will direct the speed and duration of your treatment according to your own needs. 

Can I mix other treatments with Kinesiology?

Absolutely. Kinesiology is safe to use in combination with any other medical treatment, modality and/or medication.

How does Natalie do distance healing?

Natalie is able to muscle test herself as a surrogate for her client. The healing energy she uses works with distance also. Although it might be a new concept to some, once experienced, you will find it all works exactly the same as in person, infact word is, its even better! Natalie can treat her clients via Skype/phone because her clairvoyant skills don’t require that she be with the person she is working with.

What is the pricing for a consultation and what payment options do you offer?

Consultations are $170 and are 1 hour in duration. You can pay by cash credit card or bank transfer. Payments are usually at time of booking or prior to appointment.

What are your opening hours?

Face to Face appointments are available Tuesday Mornings and Wednesday afternoons and Phone appointments all other weekdays and ocasional Saturdays