What is a Medical Intuitive?

The term medical intuitive is quite broad because every medical intuitive is different. Some can see into your body, some can see your energy system (aura and chakras), some can diagnose your illness but Natalie’s ability is to see why you are ill and what is causing the imbalance in your body and/or mind and what is needed to change this. 

Natalie does this with her skills of clairvoyance (she sees in her mind), claircognizance (she simply knows and understands) and clairempathy/clairsentience (she senses or feels within herself the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person).

How does Natalie combine Kinesiology with Medical Intuition/Intuitive Insight?

Natalie’s intuitive abilities combine beautifully and simultaneously with kinesiology to provide her with maximum information about your situation and from all angles. This enables her to diagnose and treat you on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and energetic, resolving issues once and for all.

Seeing thoughts, beliefs and patterns

Natalie’s ability to see thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and patterns allow her to understand the cause of illness and unhappiness. Natalie’s approach is gentle and supportive, putting you at ease to explore these important areas for healing in your life. By helping you become aware of the bigger picture or your subconscious programing, she helps empower you enormously to change your life. Bringing the hidden into awareness catalyses immediate and life changing shifts inside you.

Along with medical intuition and kinesiology she also uses healing energy. This helps to clear away and soothe old stagnant thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns and opens a person up for new possibilities on strong and healthy foundations.

How does Natalie help you to heal yourself?

Natalie helps you to become consciously aware of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and patterns of behavior that directly cause or contribute to illness or unhappiness and guides you to new ones. She works alongside you as you develop the commitment and capacity to become fully self-responsible for your health and wellbeing.

“People don't realise that the changes sometimes are not instant and they take time because of the depth of healing,” explains Natalie. “However, over time and with practice, invariably they do grow and develop independence and the ability to confidently move forwards in their new life”.

"Natalies work is truly phenomenal. I am the Happiest and healthiest I have been in my life!"  Melissa - Nice, France