What is Kinesiology?

Everything you have experienced through your entire life is stored in what is called cellular/muscle memory. Also stored with the experiences are the related emotions and stresses that occur simultaneously.

Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing to identify those stresses and imbalances in the mind and body. It directly accesses the mind/body to establish the body’s priority healing needs. The body tells the whole truth about your life and this is how Natalie can access your subconscious and remove hidden blockages.

From here, neuroscience shows us that the brain is capable of changing and creating new neural pathways, which in turn changes how we think and feel and that positive thoughts and emotions directly affect the health of every cell in the body.

Kinesiology finds and alleviates the cause behind the symptoms. Once the cause is identified through muscle testing, various processes are implemented to remove the related stresses and imbalances and the body and mind are free to heal.

What does a Kinesiologist do?

A Kinesiologist looks at the bigger picture as to why you are unwell or unhappy.

Kinesiology can be used in many different ways. Natalie uses a muscle in your arm to give biofeedback for the overall health of your body and mind. She then works through a priority system to find the best, most efficient solution to strengthen, de-stress and balance the body, mind and emotions.

Muscle testing obtains a neurological response that leads to the source or trigger of the problem and in turn directs her to the solutions to correct the ‘imbalances’ in your body.

How does muscle testing work?

Your muscles are connected to your brain and nervous system via the sensory-motor loop. The loop consists of the sensory nerve to the spinal cord (part of your nervous system), and the motor nerves back to the muscle.

Your nervous system (which includes your brain) registers everything that happens in your human system: your mind, body and energy. Any stress in your human system can be reflected in your muscle response because your muscle is connected to your nervous system via the sensory-motor loop.

De-programming old habits

Like a bridge for communication on an emotional and neurological level, a Kinesiologist is trained to de-program old unhealthy, negative mental programs, and replace them with new, positive ways of thinking. The result is a complementary, tailored approach to address your problems and this ensures a considered, achievable path to regaining a balanced, happy, healthy existence.          

Natalie aims to help to improve your health and wellbeing by stimulating your body’s own healing potential.

"Natalie has instantly calmed my anxiety, cured me of neck and shoulder pain, and helped me open my blocked heart and welcome true love into my life. She has changed my life for the better with her truly special gift." 

- Mary Spackman, Bali