Your session will combine Intuitive insight Counselling Kinesiology and Energy work. In your session, Natalie uses her intuitive ability to ‘read’ and assess information about imbalances in your physical, mental and emotional states. At the same time she uses Kinesiology to work with the brain and its interconnection to the body and emotions to find the fastest and most effective path to healing you of them completely.

To learn more, please read about the different techniques here and also read through Common Questions

People’s common needs

Natalie finds that many people need relief from anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, relationship problems and illness. Often her clients have tried many things before coming to her and are losing faith that they will ever shift their issues. However, by working together, she has countless examples of helping clients complete long-term issues and begin creating happiness they never thought possible.

Natalie says, “I want my clients to walk away with the experience of feeling empowered and more connected to themselves and others. I want them to have clarity about themselves and their lives and to feel a real and positive shift in their thinking and feeling.”


  • All consultations are one hour in duration and cost $160. 1/2 hour follow up sessions are available after initial consult.
  • They are In person in Lennox Head, 15 Minutes from Byron Bay OR by phone, Skype, facetime, viber, whats app or email.
  • Gift Vouchers are available and can be posted to the purchaser or the gift recipient’s address.
  • Payment methods include credit card, direct bank deposit, paypal.

It is inherent in our nature to be peaceful and happy. We have the power within us to restore ourselves to that natural state. Find your happiness, peace and balance.

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"A beautiful, warm and talented Kinesiologist whom I highly recommend to anyone wanting to make positive changes to their life. Working with Natalie helped me release negative thoughts and patterns which changed my relationship with myself, my partner and improved the quality of my life dramatically."    - Sophie, Byron Bay