"What a beneficial, rewarding and eye-opening experience! Natalie hits the nail on the head every time! I am constantly in awe of her ability to bring me never before experienced calm relaxation, self-awareness & clarity. I have had some revolutionary shifts in old patterns & negative emotions I had been storing for a lifetime, which were holding me back in life. She is amazing and I highly recommend her to everyone whose path I cross."  Beck Rocchi - 'Beck Rocchi Photography' - Melbourne

"Natalie is truly a gifted kinesiologist, I have been to many, but never before have I experienced such healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Natalie"  Siobhan Mary Kelly - Byron Bay

"A beautiful, warm and talented kinesiologist whom I highly recommend to anyone wanting to make positive changes to their life. Working with Natalie helped me release negative thoughts and patterns which changed my relationship with myself, my partner and improved the quality of my life dramatically."  Sophie - Byron Bay

"I love the way she works over the phone! It is simply amazing and now that ive tried this method I actually prefer it and find it even more beneficial. The difference in my health and level of wellbeing and happiness is astounding! Im so grateful." Jodie - Brisbane


"Natalie has instantly calmed my anxiety, cured me of neck and shoulder pain, and helped me open my blocked heart and welcome true love into my life. She has changed my life for the better with her truly special gift." Mary Spackman - Bali

"Natalies work with children is incredible. My 9 year old sons anxiety is dramaticly improved and my 6 year old daughter finally goes to school happy with out me needing to pry her off me and leave her crying. Amazingly, its all done without her even having met myself or the children." Jess - California, USA


"Natalies work is truly phenomenal. I am the Happiest and healthiest I have been in my life!"  Melissa - Nice, France


"Ive spent so much money on psychologists, counsellors and therapists. In two sessions with Natalie my life has changed!    I feel fantastic!  Rose - Pottsville

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I was Bulimic for 7 years, I stopped after 2 consultations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Tessa Hunt – Sydney